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Welcome to Human Study e.V.

Human Study e.V. offers a range of educational programs that are delivered to students by means of blended learning methodology. Our methodology is an effective combination of e-learning practices and on-site clinical training. That means that our students remain employed and continue to work while completing their studies and are required to travel only for a limited number of on-site events. Our blended learning methodology allows our students to study and at the same time stay productive in their workshop facilities, treating patients and keeping a regular income. Further, it allows practitioners from all corners of the world to take part in short courses for continuing education with a low demand for travelling and absence from work.

Our educational programs are internationally recognized Category II and Category I / Bachelor Degree level programs, accredited by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO). In addition, we offer a range of short and specialized courses for continuing education.

“To blend e-learning with clinical hands-on training, mentoring and labs practice is an excellent way to enable education parallel to the job!”

Human Study educational programs:


are available to P&O practitioners anywhere in the world

do not depend on national education policy or significant investments in learning facilities and institutions

are flexible, adjustable and low-cost with a practitioner-friendly approach

have tremendous potential for multiplication

create a sustainable base of P&O education in developing countries worldwide by educating future teachers who are able to advance education in their region.

Available Educational Programs

Human Study e.V. offers a unique model of comprehensive education custom-tailored for practitioners employed in prosthetic and orthotic workshops and clinics. The specific blended learning educational model enables participants to immediately apply the learned knowledge to their daily work.

Bachelor / ISPO Cat. I

This is a six-semester Cat II to Cat I upgrade program which leads to the Bachelor degree in prosthetics and orthotics. The program is designed to expand on the academic areas covered by the Category II education by enabling students to master treatments of complex and challenging pathologies and to advance their general academic and specific P&O knowledge and skills. This program includes a training of trainer component that is specifically designed to make students fit to be future teachers in the profession.

ISPO Cat. II Diploma

Our ISPO Category II Diploma Program is an internationally accredited and recognized blended learning program in prosthetics and orthotics. This is a 2.5-year program (five semesters) with a comprehensive curriculum that covers the full professional spectrum in orthotics and prosthetics, including: lower-limb prosthetics, upper-limb prosthetics, lower-limb orthotics, upper-limb orthotics and spinal orthotics.



Specialized Courses in Prosthetics and Orthotics (SCOPe) include a growing range of short courses on specific P&O topics designed by Human Study e.V. to enable both continuing and advanced educational opportunities to motivated prosthetic and orthotic practitioners.

These courses are especially suitable for practitioners who strive to upgrade and expand their knowledge and skills in a specific area.

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Human Study CEO, Christian Schlierf, presents the organization at the ISPO World Congress
in Cape Town, South Africa, 2017”