First Clinical Workshop for Syrian Students: April 15 to 20 in Ankara we had the joy of bringing together our class of Syrian students for their first practical seminar in prosthetics of lower extremities. As is the common practice in all of our programs, this was a participatory workshop in which our prosthetic experts, Nicholas Muñoz Buderus and Christian Schlierf, first demonstrated the state of the art techniques of trans-tibial and trans-femoral prosthetic production and then supervised and guided the students in their hands-on practical work. Students worked with real patients and were able to experience the complete prosthetic production process of a test prosthesis, as well as analyse their final products and exercise trouble shooting together with their instructors. The extreme importance of such experiences was reflected in the level of motivation and attention the group from Syria demonstrated throughout the seminar. The workshop was concluded with bright smiles on the faces of the instructors and feeling of accomplishment on both sides. This is the first in a row of big steps we will be walking together. Thank you, dear students, for your dedication and hard work! For those who were not there, the video below will provide you with a glimpse on the atmosphere from the workshop.