Improving The Quality Of Prosthetic And Orthotic Services And Clinical Patient Care In Libya Through Continued Education



Starting July 1st to July 4th 2013 Human Study e. V. together with their partners the ITF (International Trust Fund) and the IMF (International Medical Corps) organized their first joint seminar on “Rehabilitation after Trauma” in Tripoli, Libya.

The 4-day workshop covered trauma rehabilitation with more in-depth analysis of traumatic lower limb amputee rehabilitation and prosthetic gait training with hands-on demonstrations as well as physiotherapeutic treatment of the traumatic amputee and physiotherapeutic modalities in order to improve capacities of Libyan rehabilitation experts.

The 17 participants from Libya, all with prior P&O experience were taught how to perform a physiotherapeutic evaluation and assessment of a patient with traumatic amputation of the lower extremities covering pre-operative aspects up to the prosthetic stage of the rehabilitation process. Lectures and demonstrations were conducted by renowned P&O specialists of the Human Study team.

The emphasis was put on core muscle training, balance training with balance board as well as muscles strengthening with Thera-bands using the reactive neuromuscular training technique and prosthetic gait training with TransFemoral prosthesis.

At the end of the seminar students took part in an evaluation and assessment session. Apart from this seminar on Physiotherapy- Rehabilitation techniques after trauma, the next 4-day workshop is scheduled for September 9th to September 12th 2013 on Prosthetic Treatment after Partial Foot Amputation also in Tripoli, Libya.