A number of relevant studies indicate that if there is a good student-to-student interaction and good teacher-to-student feedback, studying at a distance is at least as effective as traditional face-to-face schooling. In fact, many people find this form of education more interactive and engaging than sitting in a regular classroom.

Human Study e.V. offers a highly personal and interactive learning experience and invests a great deal of energy in constant development of most suitable methodology for students that come from different parts of the world, different levels of knowledge and computer skills. Some students had never before used a computer in their life and still had no problem following the online education, due to the tailored custom preparation.

Most of the students are adults who work and study at the same time, which is the main reason why the blended learning program is adopted for adult learners. This absolute commitment to students makes HS distance-learning programs at least equally efficient as traditional on-site instruction.