P&O practitioners

Direct beneficiaries of the HS education are prosthetic and orthotic practitioners worldwide. This category covers a large number of P&O technicians who:
  • never had any formal P&O education
  • attended different programs and are certified with a Category II level degree and would like to proceed to the Bachelor level
  • are already engaged in P&O companies and workshops, but never had the chance to gain academic knowledge through advanced educational programs following new trends and standards.
In order to provide sustainability in the P&O field, based on the Training of trainers (ToT) methodology, Human Study e.V. prepares students to serve as mentors for future orthopedic professionals. Students of the ToT program develop a working and professional collegial regard and association with each other which does not only promote the ideals of professional continuing education but also encourages cooperation, shares and further develops technical experiences and interactive consultations.


The special advantage of the HS educational program is that it is implemented parallel to the job, thus enabling students to integrate lessons learned directly into their work, constantly improving the services they provide. If one P&O practitioner conducts on average 160 services per year, it means that a generation of 20 students would treat at least 3200 people with disabilities in need of prosthetic and orthotic services in one year with most contemporary P&O knowledge. Patients who had a chance to be treated by HS students testify about significant differences they noticed comparing to other medical workers, especially when it comes to the quality of orthopedic devices as well as general patient treatment.


It is in every employer’s interest to have highly trained and qualified employees, and to satisfy their clients’ needs.  Patients always return to those who best understand their needs.

Human Study e.V. education programs are for P&O professionals, providing them with a knowledge and understanding of the most advanced methods and practices.