Student Story /// Abd al Mowla & his family

From Syria
The following story is genuine and emotionally charged, and we would like to share it in the same form we received it. Our student Abd al Mowla wrote it in 2016:
“My name is Abd al Mowla. I was born in Idleb City, Syria, in 1996. There was a time, not so long ago, when I dreamt of becoming a mechanical engineer. I love to draw. I wanted to draw machines; I wanted to learn about how everything functions.

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Student Story /// Milos Opacic & his patient Robert

From Croatia
Through the practical part of our educational program, our students who come from different countries and regions have the opportunity to meet their colleagues from the region, but also from far away countries. Owing to this fact, initiatives have been made to create and support the national ISPO memberships and their participation in the international professional sphere.

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Student Story /// Mahpekay Sidiqy

From Afghanistan
In 2005, Mahpekay Sidiqy entered the premises of the Kabul Orthopedic Organization (KOO) for the first time. As a woman, it is not easy to work in the medical field in Afghanistan. However, Mahpekay was driven by her own destiny and has been steadily improving her skills starting as a workshop helper. “In addition to my engagement as a Prosthetic & Orthotic (P&O) professional, I am also a bilateral above-knee amputee, and therefore a user of the P&O services myself.”

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