In the period of June 12th -15th 2014, Human Study e.V. organized a practical seminar in trans-radial prosthetics in Zagreb, Croatia, at the workshop facilities of the company Bauerfeind.


Twelve students of the third generation of the Comprehensive education in prosthetics and orthotics ISPO Cat.II programme in the Southeast Europe had the pleasure to learn the contemporary methods of production and patient care in arm prosthetics from Irfan Murtezani, an experienced Prosthetist/Orthotist and teacher in P&O sciences from Macedonia. This seminar was a part of their practical education which complements the academic portion delivered through the educational platform online.


Mr. Murtezani, assisted by Zoran Starcevic – an Orthopedic Technologist Cat. II and a current student in the Human Study bachelor degree programme, demonstrated the prosthetic production procedure from anamnesis, through plaster work to final testing on the patient. Afterwards, Mr. Murtezani and Mr. Starcevic supervised and guided the students while they repeated the same procedures for hands on practical exercise. The entire practical work was done on real patients, whose sincere support and endurance is an essential contribution to the education of P&O professionals in our programmes.


All twelve students successfully produced a trans-radial test prosthesis and made a final testing on real patients.  The seminar was concluded by a common discussion on the main aspects and learning objectives, problem solving and other questions related to the subject matter of the seminar.

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