ISPO Associate Prosthetist/Orthotist (CAT II)

The Human Study e.V. Category II blended distance-learning program is recognized by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO). It is an internationally accredited and recognized distance-learning program in prosthetics and orthotics which encompasses all areas of prosthetic and orthotic sciences.

The target groups of this educational program are those P&O practitioners who already have experience in prosthetics/orthotics, but have not had access to comprehensive, formal, and certified P&O education.

In this educational program, Human Study e.V. uses contemporary teaching methods and tools based on distance learning (web-based) delivery of the academic content in combination with comprehensive practical education delivered through on-site demonstrational workshops with real patients, complemented with theoretical lectures, seminars, research topics and case studies.

The program quality was recognized by the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics and accredited first time in 2010 for duration of three years. Human Study e.V. was re-certified by the ISPO at the end of 2012 for a period of five years (2012 – 2017).

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This program lasts two and a half years (five semesters). The curriculum covers the full professional spectrum in the field of orthotics and prosthetics. Each semester is focused on one specific area of practice:

  • Lower Extremity Prosthetics
  • Lower Extremity Orthotics
  • Upper Extremity Orthotics
  • Upper Extremity Prosthetics
  • Spinal Orthotics

Every semester includes a minimum of five subjects, four of which are standard subjects studied in each semester: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Pathology and Professional Practice alongside additional subjects including Workshop Technology and Materials, Rehabilitation and Disability, Workshop Management, Management and Calculations and so forth.

Furthermore, this educational program provides education and guidelines in the following fields: Information Technology, Professional Communication, Presentation of Research Papers and Case Studies, Communication and Work in Clinical Team, Research of Contemporary Media, and so forth.

Entry requirements

The admissions requirements to Human Study e.V. Category II Program are following:

  • High School diploma or equivalent academic grade obtained in the origin country or abroad, which must be recognized by the educational authorities of the participant’s country of origin,
  • Three years of professional experience in orthotic and prosthetic clinical practice,
  • Employment at a P&O company (hospital, health care center, etc.) and working directly on the fabrication of prosthetic and/or orthotic devices,
  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL test score of at least 500, level C1 or equivalent).