Specialized Course
Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Treatment
Spine Concept Sobernheim



Type of course: Blended Learning Education for Health Professionals
Course duration: 26. February to 29. June 2018
Online-based education: 26. February – 30. March
Onsite hands-on clinical workshop: 02. – 06. April
online-based follow up for clinical support 09. April – 29. June
Number of participants: max.10
Costs : € 1800, – (all inclusive, except travel & accommodation for onsite workshop)
Application deadline: 20. February
Venue for Clinical Hands-On Workshop: SSPO, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand https://www.sspo.ac.th
Contact and bookings: scope@human-study.org

SCOPe invites you to join the upcoming course on Scoliosis Treatment

Spine Concept Sobernheim



This specialized course on spinal orthotics for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Treatment based on Sobernheim functional brace classification is addressed towards practicing P&O professionals who are interested in this advanced spinal bracing system.

The course consists of three parts:

  1. Five weeks of online theoretical part with an evaluation at the end of this part
  2. Five days of on-site practical training
  3. Three month of online follow up and support
  4. Clinical Case Presentation

For the online trainings, the participants will be enrolled on the Human Study internet platform/virtual classroom to receive the specific theoretical content.

The Five-day on-site training is conducted at the participants’ local P&O facilies (in-house) with real cases of AIS.

The online follow up period includes online support for cases that are handled by the participants over three month after the completion of the practical training. It includes up to three case presentations to be conducted by each participant with attendance of other participants and the trainer team in the virtual classroom, however the submission of at least one Case Presentation per candidate is mandatory in order to receive the Human Study Certificate for this course.

The number of participants for this course is ten; it is to be trained by two spinal orthotics experts: one associated with Human Study and the other associated with Medical Outpatient Treatment Center Bad Sobernheim, Germany. Physiotherapists who are associated with the Orthotist joining the course can accompany the training to learn about this type of bracing based on the Sobernheim Functional Brace Classification.

The course timeline overview is available HERE

Upon the successful completion of this training course the participants shall receive a Certificate of Achievement for the Specialized Course on AIS Treatment – Spinal Concept Sobernheim – from Human Study.


Each participant will receive credentials to enroll to the SCOPe platform for all online activities. The initial Five-week period covers all theory required as pre-requisite to the practical training. The multi-media content consists of printed study notes, power point presentations, video recordings, and weekly live sessions with online discussions. Each participant has access to the platform tools such as forums, direct messaging, and the glossary. An IT session can be carried out if participants require help with surfing on the platform.

The online theory period consists of:

Week 1:

  • Kick-off conference (Introduction and IT training)
  • Terminology and technical terms related to AIS treatment, History of AIS treatment, anatomy of the human spine
  • Quiz


  • Biomechanics of the human spine
  • Pathomechanics of AIS scoliosis
  • Current treatment concepts- Sobernheim Functional Brace Classification (derivative of Cheneau brace)
  • Quiz
  • Live session- discussion

Week 3:

  • Patient assessment, patient selection
  • Casting techniques, modeling techniques
  • Model rectification techniques, including videos
  • Quiz

Week 4:

  • Production techniques, thermoforming, types of materials used
  • Trial fitting
  • Trouble shooting
  • Quiz

Week 5:

  • Final fitting
  • Outcome analysis
  • Reporting to the rehabilitation team; report writing
  • Overlaying patient’s spine picture to X-Ray
  • Quiz
  • Live session- discussion


Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis- Sobernheim Functional Brace Classification

The main goal of the practical workshop is to enable participants to design, manufacture and fit on actual patients an AIS spinal brace using the Cheneau-based functional bracing.

The trainers will demonstrate each step of the fitting procedure and the participants will reproduce the process. All aspects of AIS patient treatment will be exercised by the participants.

The practical workshop is organized as follows:

  • Day 1: Quick review of anatomy, patient anamnesis, casting demonstration and practice
  • Day 2: Negative model evaluation, positive model rectification, demonstration and practice
  • Day 3: Brace production by thermoforming, trimming and strapping
  • Day 4: Patient fitting, trouble shooting
  • Day 5: delivery of braces to patients, outcome analysis

The detailed Agenda for the clinical hands-on training you find HERE


This is a three-month period after the clinical hands-on training through which participants are urged to fit at least one and up to three patients following the Sobernheim Functional Brace Classification.

Participants can contact the trainers for any questions or support. Participants are also required to prepare and submit online a PPT presentation on one case. Participants will then present their PPT live and discussions on their cases will be held among the trainers and other participants.


This course is aimed for practicing P&O professionals, PT’S or OT’s who want to improve their skills by learning the Cheneau-based Sobernheim Functional Bracing method for scoliosis treatment.

Candidates requirements:

  • At least 2 years experience in scoliosis treatment
  • Computer with internet access
  • Good English proficiency: must be able to read, write and comprehend English


Each participant is required to complete a theoretical examination (online based) and to present at least one case presentation in the frame of the course. Upon successful theoretical examination and completed case presentation, the participant will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement by Human Study e.V.


For any enquiries and to book the course contact us HERE:



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