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Support P&O education in Syria

Humam Sadek, born and raised in Aleppo, Syria became a student in a training program in prosthetics and orthotics with Human Study e.V. in 2015, which led him to acquire an Associate Prosthetist/Orthotist degree in 2017. He first entered the profession after his brother was left an amputee due to an injury he suffered at a protest against the regime.

Now, Humam realized that to be able to make a true impact and help people who suffered injuries due to the conflict in Syria, he needed to go further in his education and become qualified to train others. The need for qualified prosthetists in Syria is increasing by the day. At least 30,000 Syrians have lost limbs in the war, according to conservative estimates, with at least 60 new amputees registered in Syria each week. In a situation like this, medical professionals are struggling to keep up with the demand for services.