December 10, 2020 in Educational Projects for the World

100% Online Solutions for Education in P&O

Over the past 15 years, we have managed to build up internationally recognized expertise in delivering prosthetics and orthotics educational programs by means of a special blended learning methodology. In addition to the online learning element, our programs include intense hands-on clinical training and practical examinations which, due to restrictions because of Covid-19 pandemic, have been brought to a new challenge. Acting out of necessity to find a way to continue training for students in several programs with as little disruption as possible, we have developed online-only solutions for implementation of practical training and examinations.

The technological advances of our times have made it possible for us to overcome physical barriers and guide our students step by step from distance even through the most complicated procedures. We were able to pilot our 100% online clinical exams three weeks ago with very positive feedback from our students, who excellently grasped the “reality show” setting and delivered excellent work throughout. Live streamed clinical training in a step by step way, supported through technological solutions and online presence at a distance, though faced with more challenges, still demonstrates solid potential for implementation in urgent situations. 

These positive results are very exciting and they encourage us to go further in the development. They have given us a new perspective on our programs, already technologically very advanced, encouraging us to go in the direction of further modifying the physical presence in education for the benefit of students who have to be reached at a distance.