September 25, 2017 in Africa, Educational Projects for the World

New Educational Program in Tanzania Started

Development of P&O Education at Tumaini University

September 18th, the first semester in the educational program that is to lead our new class of 10 students to the Bachelor in P&O and ISPO CAt.I qualifications was was kicked off at the premises of our new partner Tumaini University in Moshi, Tanzania.



Training and qualification of this group is part of a large project that aims to improve the employability of young adults in Tanzania and provide support for economical development of this professional sector in the region.  Training specialists in medical professions increases the competitiveness of local businesses, which in turn may lead to development of marketable products and services that fit the needs on the African as well as the international market. Improving the quality of prosthetic and orthotic care offered to persons in need, will also lead to the development of a strong general positive impact on society in Tanzania and in the region over the long term.

The class includes five students from Tanzania and five international students from India, Bangladesh, Congo, Malawi and Croatia. This is the first phase of a comprehensive project that we embarked on together with Tumaini University, Tanzania Training Center for Orthopaedic Technologists (TATCOT), Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) and HWK-Saarland.

Students had an introduction into the curriculum of the program, learned more about what they will do in the first semester and had IT training with our blended learning experts. Now, the learning begins, with academic part via Human Study e-learning platform, and onsite practical workshops led by Human Study experts at the premises of Tumaini university.