February 17, 2020 in Educational Projects for the World, Ukraine

Graduation and Accreditation of Students in Ukraine

Students in Ukraine graduated and acquired their professional qualification as Associate Prosthetists/Orthotists!


The project we began in February 2018 has reached its first milestone! Our first batch of students have graduated and acquired their international professional accreditation. 

The Ukrainian Research State Institute for Prosthesis Design, Prosthetic Building and Work Ability Rehabilitation, and NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) have joined forces with Human Study in this project to reestablish the program at NURE university in Kharkiv as an internationally recognized education that would provide Ukraine with urgently needed professionals. Our goal is a development of a national Bachelor of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics program at NURE University that meets the international standards for education in P&O (ISPO standards).

HS trainers, Ivan P. Krajačić and Romano Špoljarec, with two students and a patient

The current graduates were the first batch of students in the project, and they will continue their education to acquire the internationally accredited trainer-level qualification. Continuation of their training is funding dependent. However, their Training of Trainers by acting as assistant teachers to their colleagues in the second batch under the guidance of Human Study experts will begin already now.

Student during production

What comes next?

The second group of Ukrainian practitioners began their education in this program in January. They will also be educated and qualified to the clinician level. Our graduates from the first batch serve as assistant teachers and tutors to their colleagues, and will enroll into Human Study Bachelor in P&O program (trainer level) as soon as possible. Continuation of their education is an essential prerequisite for independence of a national P&O program at NURE.

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