June 4, 2020 in Our Work, Teachers

Louise Puli: My experience of working with Human Study e.V.

Human Study is improving the lives of people who use prosthetic and orthotic services every single day

Louise Puli

I’m an Australia orthotist/prosthetist from Melbourne.  I have been working with Human Study since 2014. I was first drawn to Human Study e.V because of their ethos and attitude. Human Study e.V. don’t focus on the barriers to education but rather finding solutions. I believe that Human Studies approach to prosthetic and orthotic education is world leading, innovative, impactful and unique. Below, I have explained why.

Globally, there is a dramatic shortage of orthotists and prosthetists. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that as little as ten percent of the world has access to the orthoses and prostheses they need to participate in society. This need is set to double to two-billion people by 2050. One major factor impeding access to AT is a dramatic shortage of adequately trained orthotist/prosthetists to provide services.

Louise Puli (right) with a participant at a SCOPe worksop

Traditional models of orthotic and prosthetic education tend to be in stand-alone schools located in major cities of some high-income countries. These schools generally produce low graduate numbers each year, aimed only to serve the local population needs. The International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics list 41 accredited training programs on their website. Considering that some countries report more than one course, most of the world’s 195 countries remain without any accredited training options.

Human Study e.V. are the only internationally accredited prosthetic and orthotic training program in the world that can really provide their education anywhere.  Their highly skilled, diverse global team take a solution focussed approach to every request for education, and it is with this approach Human Study e.V. overcome barriers to accessing prosthetic and orthotic education.

Whilst working with Human Study e.V. I have been privileged to engage with students participating from areas such as Syria, Gaza, China, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Malawi and many more. Many of these settings have no accredited prosthetics and orthotics training opportunities in their countries. Human Study e.V. is, through its graduates, improving the lives of people who use prosthetic and orthotic services every single day. That’s why I’m proud to be a part of the team!

Louise Puli- C-OP BPO MPH