February 22, 2015 in Afghanistan, Educational Projects for the World

BSc Program in Afghanistan in Partnership with ICRC

BSc Program in Afghanistan in Partnership with ICRC

The first generation of the Human Study Upgrade Bachelor Degree P&O Program started their first semester of studies on February 14th, 2015. Our students are a selected group of Cat II practitioners from Afghanistan who have successfully passed the Mahidol University entrance exam.

This project is a collaboration with the International Committee of Red Cross, who will be hosting the practical sessions at their locations in Kabul, where Human Study lecturers will meet with the students. Students are enrolled at the Mahidol University, who will be awarding Bachelor’s Degrees in Prosthetics and Orthotics to successful graduates. The program will follow a 6-semester curriculum with graduation planned for 2018. 

Our students come from various locations in Afghanistan and are all active in patient treatment on a daily basis. Several of them work for ICRC, and others for other international organizations and local stakeholders. The group already went through a preparatory training period, that aims to give students a “start button” into the program and refresh their knowledge in theory.

This is a marvelous group of people who have already demonstrated a high level of dedication and commitment during this preparatory period and we look forward to supporting their development throughout the next six semesters. Upon graduation, they will acquire a BSc in P&O degree from the Mahidol University and the ISPO Category I certification, which will make them the first generation of prosthetists and orthotists to have acquired this level of professional qualification in the country. Our aim is to help them develop into teachers who will be able to train newcomers into the profession. This is extremely important, especially in Afghanistan, where people are injured on a daily basis and the service provision in P&O is extremely limited. Due to the circumstances, the need for qualified and competent service personnel is extremely high.