Dr. Siamak Aghajani Fesharaki

This course was really effective and innovative in my profession and made me judge more fairly about the influence of Cheneau brace as a new type of orthosis in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. I think the impact of this course is completely positive and almost all of my patients are more satisfied about the brace cosmesis and comfort. But their family main concern is the cost. As they have to change the brace and it is not possible to modify and adjust the brace height for them as it is in Milwaukee brace. I am trying to present this new brace to the doctors who believe in me and my experience and I gradually try to change their attitude in this concept.

Dr. Siamak Aghajani Fesharaki, phD, CPO Student in Spinal (AIS) SCOPe, 2019 Iran October 21, 2020