Svetislav Isailov

I graduated both on the Associate and Professional Prosthetist/Orthotist levels with HS and acquired my BSc degree from Mahidol University.
My general knowledge in P&O and skills are on a much higher level now. I learned new treatment methods and can create patients with different pathologies. My patients are satisfied and they see me as a clinician who offers quality treatment. Number of patients and devices I produce per year has increased since my educations in HS. I am also recognized by doctors as a professional and they appreciate my work with patients.
I was able to get a better job in a better company for a while and now I started my own company (managerial role). I plan in future to employ and educate young people who will want to work in this profession.

Svetislav Isailov Student in Associate and Professional/BSc programs North Macedonia October 7, 2020