February 27, 2015 in Educational Projects for the World, Syria, Turkey

Ankara: Training and Qualification of Clinicians for Syria and Turkey

14 Syrians and 4 Turkish practitioners enrolled in Human Study internationally recognized P&O program


Our project to train practitioners who offer rehabilitation services to people with disabilities in and for Syria has officially started on February 9th. In addition to the 14 Syrians, the program will also include 4 practitioners from Turkey, since the practical part of education will be organized in Ankara University, as the perfect location to which our students from Syria, as well as our international experts can travel without any restrictions.

This project is a collaboration between National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs (NSPPL), sequa gGmbH, Ankara University and Human Study. The internationally accredited educational program of Human Study will lead students to professional qualification on the ISPO Category II level (clinician level). [custom_frame_center shadow=”on”]Syria1[/custom_frame_center]


OUR GOAL is to enable professional advancement and qualification of this group, to increase the scope of services they are able to offer to patients and improve their ability to answer the high patient demand. The educational program is, as all Human Study programs, delivered to students via blended learning. That means that students will continue working and serving patients throughout their education, except for short periods of practical workshops, when they will need to travel to Ankara. An immediate positive impact of this approach is that the participants will be able to apply the newly acquired skills and knowledge to their daily work as they go through the program, without waiting for graduation. The support they receive from their trainers in the blended learning model is available almost 24/7. Both students and we are very excited and look forward to further developments in this project.

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