By educating the prosthetics and orthotics cadre, we help people who need assistive devices gain access to quality prosthetic and orthotic services.

What is unique about our educational approach is that they our programs are specifically designed for professionals around the world who serve people with disabilities on a daily basis. Since 2007 more than 350 students from over 22 countries and 4 continents participated in our programs.

Prosthetics and orthotics services should be provided by competent, adequately trained professionals, and we work to make that a reality everywhere. Not seldom, our students are users of prosthetic and orthotic services themselves, coming to the profession as lateral entrants. This happens often in regions and countries ravaged by war, where the need for P&O professionals soars due to high injury incidence, but also due poor medical care, and immediate solutions are needed. People become aware of prosthetics and orthotics and the problems related to availability of these services normally first time when a family member requires an assistive devices.

Through our projects, services to people with disability are improved by means of education of professionals who manufacture assistive devices urgently needed by this population. Assistive devices mean mobility and mobility means socialization and reestablishing normal daily life, including being able to go to school and play with friends, or work and secure a family income.

Life Changing Stories: We Make a Difference

From Syria: Abd al Mowla

“On that September day, my parents, my sister, my two brothers and I were travelling in our pickup truck from Damascus to Idleb. My brother Ahmad was driving. Close to Homs we ran into an ambush. They opened fire on us and two other vehicles. Ahmad stepped on the accelerator as the machine guns rattled a storm of bullets across the road…” (read more ⇒)

From Croatia: How Miloš’s Education and Changed Robert’s Life

When Robert first came to see me he was a 39-year old man who could not move his body to get out of home. He could not walk further than 20 meters without feeling pain.” (read more ⇒)


Direct beneficiaries of our projects are our students. As in any school or educational program, also our students are those who profit by acquiring new skills and knowledge, attaining qualification and professional advancement.

Around the world, especially in regions torn by war and disasters, the need for skilled cadre capable of offering immediate help to people who have lost limbs or are physically challenged due to other causes is enormous; and it is exactly in these regions that educational programs in prosthetics and orthotics are lacking. In such circumstances, people come into the P&O profession as “lateral entrants”, not seldom from technical and craft professions. While these people are often very skilled in working with materials, they often lack knowledge in medical sciences and biomechanics.

Conversely, lateral entrants from medical professions normally need a great input in technical skills of production and technical trouble shooting. Our programs combine skills and knowledge in medical, general and P&O sciences to create professionals who can offer a full service and work independently on their level of qualification, with confidence in their knowledge and skills.

Our students have reported a huge impact on their skills and knowledge, increase in professional confidence when working with patients, and more satisfaction at work. Many of our best students have advanced professionally and teach others or act as team leaders. Several of them work as tutors and teachers in our programs.

I've learned a great deal in this program. I am a medical doctor, but before I became a student in this program, I had not been able to access such great amount of valuable knowledge on orthopedic devices. The knowledge we gained through this program is truly unique.

Miloš Opačić Student in Cat.I Program Croatia March 19, 2014

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