We Train Rehabilitation Professionals

Making assistive devices accessible where they are most needed

There are over 40 million people globally who require prosthetics and orthotics services. More than 80% of this population have NO ACCESS to assistive products, mainly due to the unavailability of services. To change that and make rehabilitation services available to everyone, we educate professionals who deliver these services to people with physical disabilities. Since 2007 more than 350 students from over 22 countries and 4 continents participated in our programs.

Human Study work is guided by our belief that education in prosthetics and orthotics can and should be made accessible to people everywhere in the world, so that persons with disabilities can have a better access to rehabilitation services.

Marcelo Alvarez, HS P&O Director

Many people have lost their limbs and suffered from diseases which created physical problems. These people need help. We are all humans and we depend on each other, thus we should try to help each other.” (Mahpekay Sidiqy, a bilateral amputee and P&O professional from Kabul, Afghanistan)

Life-Changing stories

Our projects change people’s lives in a far-reaching way, affecting not only our students, but most importantly people in need of assistive devices who come to them for help. What does it mean to get access to education and be able to serve your community with the work you do? What does it mean to be able to walk independently again after being tied to a chair or bed? What does it mean to be able to play with other children again? Our students and their patients tell su stories of how our work has influenced their lives.  Who we help >>

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Our Partners

Over the years, we developed partnerships with universities, state agencies and non-governmental organizations to create educational solutions that fit the needs of each participant in our programs. We believe that only through cooperation with local stakeholders and other international organizations and institutions can we achieve the goals set forth and provide conditions for best outcomes of our projects.   Our Partners >>

Human Study in a Nutshell

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