Our international faculty of expert teachers and specialists help us deliver on our mission. Working in low income and war-torn countries that do not currently have P&O training infrastructure, our trainers often have to be creative in overcoming obstacles along the way.

We are committed to building sustainable programs and to bringing our P&O education to as many countries as possible. We are extremely proud that many of our graduates join Human Study as teachers. They gain valuable teaching experience, while we get to make our education available in more languages, such as Arabic. Human Study graduates are currently active in our programs as tutors, co-trainers and lecturers, progressing in their development as P&O teachers.

We have developed a special course in blended learning methodology for our faculty members. The course includes andragogy – the science of teaching adults – since our students are normally in this age category.


Read about the experiences of some of our faculty members.

“I have the best job in the world! Working with Human Study has allowed me to teach prosthetists and orthotists from all around the world that are helping Heroes to rise. This education has an enormous ripple effect.”

Igor Pineu

“I have been privileged to engage with students from Syria, Gaza, China, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Malawi and many more. Human Study is improving the lives of people who use P&O services every single day.”

Louise Puli C-OP BPO MPH

“These clinicians were hungry for knowledge, and saw an opportunity to progress. But it wasn’t about progress for its own sake. They immediately saw what a difference their learning made to their patients, and that was their inspiration.”

Nicolas Munoz

If you are an accredited professional in prosthetics and orthotics or a related field, and you are interested in teaching through our blended learning programs, we would love to hear from you!