We train and educate prosthetic and orthotic professionals who are active in production of assistive devices. Our work has a direct and immediate effect on the quality of services offered to people with disabilities. 

There are over 40 million people globally who require prosthetics and orthotics services. More than 80% of this population have NO ACCESS to assistive products, mainly due to unavailability of services. We educate prosthetists and orthotists – the cadre who produce assistive devices for people with physical disabilities – to make these services available to everyone on the global scale.

Our approach is to train trainers, empowering those who provide services to people with disabilities to provide better and more services, but also in a fairly short period of time to take over the training activities and independently continue training other professionals in the region, including newcomers to the profession. Up to date, we have trained and qualified participants from more than 20 countries on four continents.

The impact of our work is seen in the quality and range of treatments that our graduates are able to deliver to people in need. To that, our graduates are fit to train newcomers and thus multiply the impact of our projects.

In their training, our students acquire skills and knowledge that enable them to treat their patients better, to treat more patients, and also to train newcomers into the profession. Trained professionals increase the quality and number of treatments available to people with disabilities.

Our Educational Programs

Our programs enable practitioners everywhere in the world to get training and qualification in all segments of the prosthetics and orthotics profession. 

Our Projects for the World

Through our educational projects, we increase the number of trained professionals who can treat people with disabilities, but also who can train others to do so.