Over the years, we developed partnerships with universities, state agencies and non-governmental organizations to create educational solutions that fit the needs of each participant in our programs. We believe that only through cooperation with local stakeholders and other international organizations and institutions can we achieve the goals set forth and provide conditions for best outcomes of our projects. The foremost purpose of our humanitarian projects is always to strengthen local capacities and leave behind the tools for sustainable development.


In 2013, we initiated a program together with the Sirindhorn School for Prosthetics and Orthotics of Mahidol University (SSPO) that was to enable P&O professionals who already hold the ISPO Category II certificate to upgrade to the Category I level and acquire a bachelors degree in P&O at the same time. In 2017, our first generation of students on this program successfully graduated, acquiring Bachelor of Science degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics awarded by Mahidol University, marking the official accreditation of our program as a BSc in P&O. This is the only program in the world of this kind. To this day our collaboration with the SSPO has led to three generations of graduates, with one group currently enrolled in the program.


We work with the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) on numerous projects around the world since 2012, especially in regions with ongoing conflicts. One of our projects with the ICRC has been a class of 9 students from Afghanistan. This class graduated in 2019 on the BSc in P&O level and acquired the ISPO Category I qualification. They are the first and only group of professionals with this level of professional qualification in the country and today they train others in the profession.


In 2020, we entered into partnership with Thomas Moore University from Geel in Belgium to exchange information pertaining to developments in teaching and student development, to carry out joint development of educational programs, and exchange of students, academic staff and researchers. We plan to conduct joint research on topics of mutual interest, organize symposia, conferences, seminars, workshops and other meetings on academic and research issues. Our aim is to support each other in the training of academic staff and development of study materials for the benefit of students of both partners. Blended learning is the solution of choice for coming to terms with the increasing demand for decrease of presence time in educational programs, especially among students who are already employed. This is the sector where we have our expertise. We feel honored to be able to work with Thomas Moore university and benefit from their expertise in academic level education in the P&O field, particularly in the European context.


From the very beginning, Human Study has closely cooperated and eventually developed a partnership with the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO). Our educational programs are guided by the standards set forth by the ISPO. In 2010, our 5-module comprehensive program was accredited as one of official ISPO Category II educational programs, and in 2017 our Upgrading Program was acquired as ISPO Category I educational program. We are the only institution for P&O education whose programs are available globally.

We are also an official member of the ISPO Open Board.