Generation I in cooperation with the Otto Bock Academy

Human Study e.V. is currently conducting a single discipline educational program in Lower-Limb Prosthetics for the second generation of students who are employed in Otto Bock facilities around the world. The project is implemented in cooperation with the International Otto Bock Academy in Duderstadt, Germany as an internal educational program for Otto Bock employees.

The duration of the course is 18-months and it ends in an ISPO examination for single discipline prosthetics on the Cat. II level (ISPO2P) .

Students are trained to be able to treat transfemoral and transtibial patients independently and in accordance with the international and Otto Bock standards.

In the blended learning method of course delivery, the theoretical part of education is organized online via the educational platform and conducted by Human Study. Over the period of seven months, students are prepared for their theoretical exams. The practical education in duration of eleven months is organized by Otto Bock at the International Orthotics and Prosthetics School (io&ps) in Duderstadt and supported by Human Study e.V.

The first generation of 7 students from four countries (Brasil, Bulgaria, Mexico and Romania) partook in the theoretical part of blended learning education between February and November 2013. All of the seven students completed their theoretical education successfully and are currently attending the practical part of the education in Duderstadt.

The second generation of 10 students from five countries (Brasil, Bulgaria, China, Hungary and Mexico) started their theoretical education in January 2014