Ranjani Bhushan

After participation in the courses, my role was to disseminate my gained knowledge and skills to the ICRC PRP supported centers and train P&Os. Our centers started following the concepts and ideas in day to day clinical practice. We especially appreciate the assessment format, gait analysis, casting procedures and fabrication of the socket, trial & fitting; this has had a positive impact on overall gait and the quality of the devices. It  has improved as per drastically, P&O colleagues are also quite enthusiastic to learn new skills and implement in practice. Now, maximum users are getting the ICS socket design at the centers and having positive feedback from the service users as well. The knowledge and skills we got definitely added value to me an my colleagues as P&Os, which is helping us provide qualities services to the users.

Ranjani Bhushan Student in SCOPe courses on IC, LLO, and Spinal Orthotics Vellore, India October 14, 2020