A Look Back: A Decade of Human Study Blended Learning Programs

Over the past 10 years, Human Study developed and implemented innovative educational programs in prosthetics and orthotics that enable professionals who treat people with disability to learn new skills, improve their professional performance and become qualified according internationally recognized classification. Working and task groups led to partnerships, partnerships created projects that influenced status of P&O profession in countries and regions. Our programs acquired ISPO accreditations on the Category II and Category I levels, showing us that we are on the right track with what we do. We have developed partnerships with renowned educational institutions including Mahidol university and german P&O school MSOT, with international organizations including ICRC and ISPO, well as collaboration with local clinical and international industrial stakeholders such as Becker Orthopedics, Bauerfeind, Streifeneder and many other organizations and institutions.

We are very proud to have been able to bring opportunities of education to people who, due to various circumstances, were deprived of chance to progress professionally. Most of all, it makes us happy that our work contributes to improving lives of people who suffered from wars, injuries and diseases that left them physically challenged and disabled.